Private Yoga Lessons

IMG_3563Andrea loves teaching private lessons, and her students love that she offers this as well (see testimonials below). The best part about private lessons–well, there are a lot of best parts– is that you get all the attention! The sessions are structured to serve you and meet your needs. New to Yoga? No problem, we will begin with the basics. Recent injury or surgery, not to worry, we can take it slow and make sure your body is healing and strengthening at the same time. Just want to take your practice to the next level and go for some inversions? We can make that happen for sure!

Yoga was amazing this morning. I felt aware of my breath in a way I never quite felt before. It relaxed me immensely — I’m beginning to understand the importance of yogic breathing and its relationship to the rest of my physical well-being. Having compromised lungs, I too readily submit to the idea that there isn’t much more that I can do for myself beyond taking my daily meds and avoiding foods that create inflammation in the body. There’s a lot to be said for feeling peaceful! And you certainly put me in that state. –Steve R.

–    –    –    –    –
“I have been studying yoga with Andrea for almost a year.
I have to say I was hesitant to start because I am new to practicing yoga. It has turned out to be one of the highlights of my year and of each week. I now do indivdiual lessons and some group lessons each week.  All with Andrea. A year ago I did not have the strength or flexibility that I have now. This is entirely due to Andrea’s expertise, her amazing ability to break things down into doable first steps and gradually build up, her great enthusiasm and personal warmth, and her flawless skills as a teacher. I am so lucky to have found Andrea Ridgard and to be working with her.”
 –Sallie F.
–    –    –    –    –
“I feel very grateful for your time and guidance. It feels like yoga practice has been a life line during my stressful weeks. I think in particular the mindfulness has brought me to recognize a lot of things about myself that I would bury or try to ignore.”
 –Bret S. 
–    –    –    –    –

You and Andrea will schedule private Yoga lessons at a time that suits you both. Details about location, time, and frequency can be discussed during the consultation. Andrea also offers personalized recordings for you to continue your Yoga Practice at home.IMG_3558

Package deals are available for purchasing multiple classes at once. Student rates and sliding scale options are available upon request.

To purchase a lesson online with a credit card, visit Grounded Here LLC’s MindBody Page

For more information and for pricing and details about Private Lessons: 

Andrea most often meets students for Private Yoga Lessons at the Hygeia Center in Kerrytown (220 N. Fifth Avenue, 48104). If you would like to arrange to meet elsewhere, please make arrangements with her directly)


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