I Met A Tree

On my walk I met a tree

She was deep and wise

Her roots I could not see them

Her branches touched the sky


I stood there beneath her

She said, “Do not cry.”

She held me in her presence

Without arms and without eyes


I wondered, “Can she feel me?

Does she know my pain?”

This tree, she’s older than me,

But we’re not the same


Everything that hits her

Rain or sleet or snow

It only rests there

Its her roots that make her grow


So Lord, make me like her

Strong and wise and free

Holding what’s on my branches

But growing like the tree


My roots are my family

My roots, they do not end

My roots are every lesson

Every memory, every friend


My roots are eternal

My branches reach out wide

My trunk, it tells my story

Roots, bark, leaves and sky


So if you did not see her

The tree, me, our roots

Close your eyes and breathe deep

She is me, she is you


Yes on my walk I met a tree

Like me she’s deep and wise

Our roots they keep us grounded

Our branches touch the sky


written by Andrea Ridgard in January 2015


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