Surrender, Expansion, and the Freedom to Love

What does it mean to surrender to what is?

With guest Aria Mae, Spiritual Heart Surgeon

  • What does it mean to surrender to what is?
  • What to do when we feel triggered?
  • How to  heal ourselves?

Aria Mae and I explore what it means to surrender to what is, and how to enact our freedom to choose our response when triggered in this debut episode of the Fearless Self-Love podcast.
Do you find yourself holding on and bracing for the daily battle of life? If you’re like me, you’ve probably also learned the hard way and experienced the consequences when we don’t let go- of pain, of anger, of our self-sabotaging stories, and our expectations. In this episode, guest speaker, Aria Mae, teaches us about surrendering to life and how to move with the flow of our emotions rather than be lead by them. Learn how we’ve become disconnected from our true selves and how we can heal ourselves.

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16:35-The power of our heart space and love to create a rippling effect, not only on an emotional but physical level.

26:01- How to understand and deal with perpetrators of aggression within our communities. Loving those who are most disconnected from their true selves.

27:40- Anger as a call to action. How it can serve us and hurt us.

33:00- The flow of love can be disrupted, how those breaks show up in our lives and how we can reconnect to ourselves through holding space for pain/hurt. Our ability to hold space for ourselves, directly relates to how we hold space and connect with others.

37:30- Taking responsibility for our shadow sides and how we can benefit from embracing them.

40:49- Aria’s strategies for dealing with our emotions when we’re triggered.

51:25- Our hearts are portals: energy, boundaries, and healing.

 Quotes for Your Refrigerator:

“By holding love towards a different reality, we create that reality.” – Aria Mae

“Love is a vibration. It’s a very high vibration.” – Aria Mae

“Surrender is my religion.” – Andrea Catherine

“Letting go is a continual opening of your palm.” – Rachel Tanner

“We get to decide what to do in the moment…and that’s freedom.” – Aria Mae

Courageous Self-Care Tip

How to manage ourselves when triggered:

  1. Practice radical honesty with ourselves (Name it)
  2. Explore our thoughts (Pause)
  3. Move the energy through (Help it flow)

Aria Mae is a “spiritual heart surgeon” who works with clients to help them heal and reconnect with themselves in a unique combination of healingwork. She makes use of “family constellations, shadow work, sociology, animal communication, tantra, mindfulness, and Love” to help clients dig deep and move from “mastering life” to becoming “magicians of life”. Get in touch with Aria at or visit her website ( to learn more about her life-changing work, watch videos, and read her blogs.