Self-Care for the Action-Oriented

%22there-is-a-lot-of-internal-work-that-we-as-white-folks-in-particular-need-to-do-what-do-we-need-to-change-within-ourselves-many-of-our-behaviors-are-a-part-of-this-racist-system-and-if-we-arWe’re Doing This for Love ~ Activist, social justice advocate, moving about the world with an anti-oppression lens, Anna Lemler tells it like it is. After her return from Standing Rock, Anna shares the reality of the struggle to create a balance between engaging in community activism for social justice and being mindful of one’s own needs for rest, wellness, connection. She is not shy to challenge each of us to act out of radical love to have a radical impact for the betterment of our world. There is still work to be done. Might we just have the most impact in our small sphere of influence?  Watch an interview with Anna and another University of Michigan Social Work Student. Anna also offers reverence to the late Grace Lee Boggs, who has also inspired me.

lisa-podcastMore Than Just Empathy ~ In this Interview with Non-Violent Communication aficionado, Lisa Gottlieb, gain insight to how your relationship with yourself can enhance your experiences with others and life itself.  Practicing empathy with ourselves enables us to take care of ourselves in a way we cannot rely on others to take care of us. AND this compassionate self-communication isn’t everything. Learning to find and express our own needs, desires, and emotions is essential for acceptance, growth and cultivating real and meaningful connections with all beings. Learn more about Lisa at and