Pitta-Pacifying Late Summer Plate

It’s Hot, Sticky, and Busy. Try this easy, cooling, grounding and delicious recipe to calm and nourish you this end of summer: 

Pitta -Pacifying Late Supper Plate

Soak adzuki beans overnight, drain off water, add 6 times more filtered water than beans and bring to a boil. Meanwhile grind fennel seed, coriander and cumin and warm to aromatic in skillet with warming ghee (or coconut oil). Cook on low to medium heat until beans fully cooked.

Prepare your favorite rice and stir in saffron in last 5 minutes. Choose from the following vegetables (or all if you like): celery, snow peas, beet greens or swiss chard, fennel, zucchini. Steam over rice.

Chop as much fresh cilantro as you like. If you taste soap instead of cilantro, consider…mint! Slice avocado, or mash and mix with cilantro as a guacamole variation.

Plate rice, beans, veggies and top with cilantro and avocado, and pinch of fresh squeeze lime juice per serving.  Enjoy warm or at room temperature.

(To avoid the heat of cooking in your home…choose a soft fresh bread instead of rice, shred raw veggies instead of steaming, and use canned beans—be mindful to rinse several times as canned typically implies higher sodium! Make open faced sandwiches or enjoy bread on the side.)


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