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How Do I Keep Up My Thrive?

You might be wondering how to keep your momentum, how to continue to feel motivated to pursue the habit-changing science & specific habit changes you have made in the last few months.

Danielle Laporte, who Entrepreneur Magazine calls “equal parts poet and entrepreneurial badass” (I can get down with that!) says,

“You need people. You can’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t do it alone.”

Have you noticed that? That we need each other? That you’re getting so much out of the calls that they are almost give you enough to go on for the week? That it’s the stories you hear on the forum and on the calls and with your accountability partner that fire you up, remind you why you’re here, and amplify every step you take?

Have you also sensed a desire to go deeper, further into the wisdom of yourself and nature, of Ayurveda and habit science?

Some of you have answered yes to all of these so far!
That’s why I’ve created

@ home in your body Extend 

A 6-month repeatable program in which you can re-enroll as much as you like!

(Bonus: New content every month!)

For the next 6 months, following the completion of @ home in your body:

  • Move toward and transform your WHY, faster and with more precision
  • Evolve and enhance the habits you’ve cultivated
  • Hone skills to become a habit-forming (or breaking) guru

Here’s how I will support you:

  • Monthly lesson to deepen your habits, your understanding of Ayurveda & habit science
  • Monthly group coaching call to answer questions, and learn from the stories of others
  • Monthly one-on-one 15 minute coaching calls to personalize your transformation

Here’s how you’ll support one another:

  • Private forum for Extend participants only
  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly accountability with another participant
  • Collective brainstorm, encouragement and feedback on monthly calls

Here’s how we’ll support each other!:

  • Collectively design first @ home in your body live retreat!
  • Collectively cultivate community for @ home in your body participants to continue to work toward their wellness goals
  • Collectively build a culture  of self-sustaining fearless self-love


  • Access to @ home in your body any time I teach it, while you are enrolled
  • Additional 5% off your participation fee for each person you invite who enrolls in @ home in your body!
  • Lifetime grandmothered in rate  (see below) for Extend participation

Intrigued? Since you’re the pilot group, (again..you rock….thanks!), your cost is very low. In the future the Extend program will be more, not less than @ home in your body, as it is a deeper, more exclusive, highly focus mastermind group, if you will.

But for you, it’s only 60% of what you paid to participate in @ home in your body. 

In addition to payment, your pre-requisites are:

  • Completion of @ home in your body
  • 6-month commitment to the group
  • Curiosity and commitment to your own continued transformation

Whether or not you feel curious or skeptical, I’d love to chat with you.  Book one more 15 minute call for a time that suits you (email me if you can’t find a good one), type EXTEND in the comments, and we’ll chat about how well the past 10 weeks met your expectations & where you would like to go from here:)

I’m geared up to continue to discover the power of deep unconditional self-love with you, to make it a habit, a way of life!

Namaste, dear one,