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“I joined during a transitional year of my life — coming out an extremely demanding schedule of being a student midwife, in addition to having a family and maintaining my private practice as a massage therapist/bodywork/doula. I created a habit of rushing (mostly because I there was so much to do!). This habit energy stayed with me — I was rushing even though I had lessened my load — which was anxiety inducing!  I was looking to change habits and make more space in my life. I really loved Andrea’s approach to working with these materials, it is so practical, accessible and impactful. During the course, I felt inspired and supported to integrate new habits of self care into my daily routine. Lastly, I am happy to say I am (mostly) on time and not rushing.”  –Angela Joy

Dive In & Experience Change, Guaranteed:

  • Boost Energy & Metabolism for Sound Sleep & Smooth Digestion
  • Move From Fear to Courageous Self-Love
  • Cultivate Consistent Joy & Ease
  • Live A Flourishing Life You Love


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13325573_10102384128619188_1436580603379396534_nI joined this group because I was tired of feeling tired… and heavy and scatterbrained. What amazed me most is that adding even a few healthy habits into my life – particularly starting my day with a few glasses of water and taking a 20-minute walk – could boost my energy and inspire other healthy choices. Bonus that I’m down a few pounds and feeling more clearheaded. I’m so happy I started this journey and I can’t wait to continue!” –Jessica O

“I can honestly say it is changing the way I live my life, for the better, one day at time. I met Andrea through a yoga class I attended which she was teaching (she is an amazing yoga teacher too!)  By participating in Andrea’s course, I have learned about 10 different habits I can incorporate into my life to achieve my personal wellness goals, which include being more at ease, having more energy, and being more present and focused in my daily life. I have learned about the science of Ayurveda, have cultivated a daily yoga practice (not a course requirement but one of my personal goals) and started to develop focused routines that help me incorporate healthy habits on a regular basis and live my best life. I’m eating better, sleeping better, meditating more often and most importantly, I am learning how to approach my transformation from a place of deep self-love, which feels amazing! Andrea is a wonderful teacher and coach, and I can’t recommend working with her strongly enough.” –Dawn B.


@ home in your body goes live again June 26….

This round is a year long course, with monthly calls & videos

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Before speaking with Andrea, I was feeling extremely lost. I decided to reach out after listening to her podcast on self love. From the very beginning of our initial phone conversation I felt at ease and listened to… By the end of our phone call, she had already began to offer up a tangible solutions to help me move forward and I for that I was and still am felt super grateful. While I knew I had a long way to go… I felt already lighter knowing that working with Andrea would help me become more self empathetic and loving.” –Erin G.

In 10 sessions together you’ll gain access to:

  • The secrets to sustained daily energy, sound sleep, increased metabolism
  • How to nourish yourself so others don’t have to (and you’re not dependent on others to do so!)
  • The keys to maintaining a healthy weight, strong muscles and bones, and a amplified-strength immune system
  • How to build healthy habits that bring you the results you so desire
  • The wisdom of Yoga’s sister Science, Ayurveda, the Knowledge of Life, The Science of You

The Course Includes:

  • Weekly live phone calls with participants from around the globe
  • Weekly in-depth teachings on Ayurvedic Science and how to apply it to your modern lifestyle
  • Vibrant, Interactive Private Facebook Forum in which you interact with your peers
  • Opportunity to work with an accountability partner to boost your opportunity to THRIVE!
  • Workbook, Recipes, and Accountability tools to stay on track
  • Access to over 20 Yoga Audio/Video classes!

Personalize It With:

  • Monthly one-on-one coaching calls with Andrea
  • Ayurvedic Health Consultation to cater the habits to meet your needs
  • Participation in Fall/Spring Cleanse

398533_10101148291965513_1510909440_n“Going through this course inspired me to look at my daily habits, and make small changes that help me to be present, grounded, and closer to my ideal self. Andrea is very talented at encouraging change through small, manageable shifts that come from your own deepest wisdom.  One of the biggest gifts is having a huge breadth of knowledge of different ways of being and doing things when I feel out of balance. My tool kit is overflowing!” –Cara R.