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Virtual Summer Book Club!


Get Your Thrive On!

Join a FREE weekly book club to discuss the habits of healthy, vibrant and thriving lives based in the wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda and outlined in Cate’s Stillman’s book, Body Thrive.

Sign Up with a Friend ~ Get A FREE Coaching Call!
Sign up for up to 3, 30 minute coaching calls throughout book club. Sessions are $40 each, or 3 for $99…..BUT, if you sign up with a friend & you are both committed to for the summer, you both get your first call FREE! (and the second two for $75). That’s a pretty good deal!

This virtual discussion group begins Monday, June 13 and ending Monday, August 29 from 6-7pm EST (4-5pm MT).

Signing up solo?! 
No worries, we’re all in this together:)
And, EVERYONE who joins the book club this summer is eligible for 20% my 10 week Fall course that will take you deeper into the Body Thrive Habits, including live group Q & A calls, video lectures, personalized homework to transform into your favorite version of yourself:) More details later. Sign up for the summer for this sweet deal in the fall!
A minimum of 5 participants is essential for an engaging bookclub discussion. If you have to miss a week, you will receive a recording of the call in your inbox.

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Past Workshops in Ann Arbor, MI

Making Meals Mindful: Satisfaction Beyond Satiety

Monday May 9, 20167:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Ann Arbor’s Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

Enjoy mealtime to better meet your needs beyond hunger, including struggle-free digestion, emotional calm, and mental clarity.


We are not only what we eat, but also what we digest. So could it be that how we eat is at least, if not more, important than what we eat?

From the wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga, and personal healing experience, acquire tools to approach mealtime with ease, fully enjoy eating and enhance digestion. We will explore how our external environment, emotions, and sensory awareness impact our ability to digest our food and experiences at mealtime.

Take away tips for the changing your approach with the seasons and times of day. Bring your curiosity and perhaps someone with whom you often share a meal.

This event is co-sponsored by the People’s Food Co-Op.

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Spring Cleanse Flyer-page-001

Why Sign Up?

Here’s what previous workshop participants are saying:

 "It's an intimate a safe group with skills to last a lifetime."

"Taking care of ourselves first and foremost can be such a taboo, I think constant reminders and practice are the only way to solve this."

 "The information is helpful [for] learning to care for yourself better and honoring the differences in different body types."

Click for Details!

Sign Up Here!!


$245 (*$175) by March 15
$295 (*$200) March 16 and after
$225 (*$150) Students/Seniors/Yoga Teachers
*Online Only Participation fee
andrea@groundedhere.com, re: Payment Plan, discounts, & Scholarships

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Do You Love You?

Cultivate Fearless Self-Love

IMG_6106Yoga & her sister science Ayurveda guide us to let go of deep seated fear and surrender into our own loving arms

 2/20/16, 2-4pm

Tiny Buddha Yoga

1717 Pauline Boulevard
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Restorative Yoga * Warm Oil Self-Massage * Guided Heart Meditation 

Cultivate the Self-Love you may have never dreamed possible.

It starts with you. Right now.


Ayurveda Wellness Series Fall/Winter 2015-16


November 13: Digest to Impress for the Holiday Season: Learn Abhyanga (warm oil self-massage) and make a specialized digestive tea just for you!

Sign Up Here!

November 14: Steady As She Goes: Establish routines to warm, ground & nourish

Sign Up HERE!

December 5: Skin is In(side): Cold care for our most vulnerable organ

Sign Up HERE!

January 16: Digest to Impress: Cleanse & nourish post Holiday season

Sign Up HERE!

February 20:  Fearless SelfLove: Restorative Yoga for calm, peace & ease

Sign Up HERE!

To sign up, click on the “classes” link & go to the date of the workshop. If you don’t have a MindBody account, you will need to set up one. If you prefer to register over email, contact Andrea@groundedhere.com


November 13 Workshop is at Jessica’s Skin & Body Apothecary

301 N. Fifth Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 (catty corner from the Hygeia Center!)

7-9pm;  $40


Spring 2014 workshops introducing Ayurveda, Traditional Indian Medicine: 

Move, Breathe and Massage: April 2, 6:30-9pm; $49

Yoga is the healing sister science to Ayurveda. In this workshop, you will practice simple Yoga asana (positions), pranayama (breathing techniques), as well as Abhyanga (warm oil self massage) to ground, warm, and balance your body in this still quite chilly end of winter. Wear comfortable clothing you do not mind getting a little oily, a yoga mat and blanket. You will take home a sample of the massage oil. This workshop will occur at the Naturopath School for Healing Arts: 7920 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Internal Spring Clean: April 11 from 9:30am-12pm

Balance the heavy, dull, congested qualities of Kapha Dosha with daily practices and seasonal cleansing recommendations to warm, inspire, create & generally brighten your outlook. (220 N. Fifth Avenue)

Workshop canceled:“Clean” Eating For Digestive Health: April 25 from 9:30am-12pm

Learn to make a lighter version of Kitchari specifically for this season, prepare stimulating herbal teas, and practice Mindful Eating techniques to leave you feeling satisfied, grateful, and light in body & spirit. (220 N. Fifth Avenue)

keep your eyes peeled for a summer version of this workshop!!

Rejuvinating Self Care for Spring: A FREE Indroduction to Ayurveda: April 21 from 7-8:15pm @ Jessica’s Skin & Body Apothecary

Feeling uninspired and/or stuck in a rut with your personal wellness practices? Seeking an uplifting, yet soothing self-care routine to boost your mood, metabolism and motivate you to meet your goals? Learn about simple, affordable, tried & true, rejuvinating self care practices for Spring from the perspective of Ayurveda.

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