This morning I was doing yoga, following [Andrea’s] recording. It was after a big, cold dog walk, and the sun was streaming into the room. It was during the alternating nostril breathing that I became aware of other, but very similar breathing around me. The dog was sleeping nearby and the cat was on the heat vent by the window, and they both seemed to be in sync. Yoga benefits all creatures! 
–Sue M.

What is Yoga, Anyway?

Stretchy bendy, positions that make my head spin? Breathing and moving together? Sweating while contorting the body? Something that requires flexibility? Not a workout?

Actually, “Yoga” means to bind or join, to direct one’s concentration, union or communion. And my favorite:

Yoga “means a poise of the soul which enables one to look at life in all its aspects evenly” (Iyengar, 1945-1995)


Photo credit: FYT Productions; Maggie’s Organics

My personal yoga practice reflects my training with Ana Hough, Larissa Hall Carlson and Scott Blossom. I lean toward a traditional Hatha approach with the influences of Ayurveda (teaching to the seasons, time of day, state of imbalance and personal constitution), as well as that of spontaneous movement initiated by Prana within, the personal guidance of one’s own energy, spirit, circulation of internal wisdom and healing.

Yoga Classes, Private Lessons and Retreats that I lead grow out of my personal daily practice that continues to morph and change as I continue to learn and dive deeper into knowing myself.


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