Surrender is My Religion

Podcast of my Mind

About 4 years ago I walked the 2 miles from my cozy home on Ann Arbor’s north side  to Café Verde in Kerry Town to send some emails and envision the future of my business.

I was listening to the podcast of my mind. I have this ability to be completely entertained by my thoughts and even tune out music or news if the internal channel is loud enough.

You, too? Well, that day, the internal channel was a hamster wheel brainstorm of hosting my own podcast. My vision started with the idea of recording something as I made my way downtown each day, something like “Walks with Andrea” that would contain insights, guided walking mediation practices, and perhaps some resources and announcements.

Practicing Surrender

Since moving to the mountains and launching the health coaching arm of my business, I am on fire for collaborating with others to share stories of Fearless Self-Love. Living each day with the magnificence of the mountains, sky and uncertainty about how my future will unfold is a continued practice of surrender. As I surrender, more and more to the being I am when I feel most alive, the more fun I have, the deeper connections I make with others, the more possible it seems to truly thrive!

I’m thrilled to announce that as of December 1, you should be able to find my show on itunes!

I have recorded 6 new interviews in the past month and am onto editing and getting them ready for their debut. Along with interviews from folks like Sara Hughes-Zabawa, Rachel Harper, Cherie Bachman, Aria Mae, Brett Holmquist, Liza Baker, each episode will  include:

  • Fearless Self-Care tip for the fortnight

  • Courageous Art Feature

  • Live with Ease in the moment guided practice

I Recorded A Song!

As you might recall, my friend Jamie Wyman, and I recorded a song she wrote for my business. I know, right? It was crazy scary & fun. We have some more work to do on it…namely me building courage & giving it another go, but you’ll hear clips of it at the start & end of the show.

Keep your eyes peeled for a little competition that will accompany the launch of the podcast. There will be prizes (really good prizes!!) to win for subscribing to the show, sharing it & writing a review. You’ll want to do this, even if just for the potential of winning a prize (like a Fearless Self-Loving Self-Care Kit of all my favorites!!)!

Ok, folks, it’s time to edit some shows. Catch me on the show in December!!


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