More Connection, Less Bull Sh!t.

A few days ago, this rad, courageous, tells-it-like-it-is friend of mine, Tracey Duncan, and I had a chat about:

Authentic Connection on Social Media

What if we approached social media with the same authenticity as we do in person? What if we stopped pretending to be something we’re not?

Standing on a Pedestal Or Sharing the Basement Floor?

She describes to me her journey from being put on a pedestal to kicking it out to stand along others on the basement floor, so to speak. On this ground level, no one stands above another. On this ground level, all get to be leader or student, to be vulnerable and need support, or to teach and offer wisdom. 

Punk Leadership

I asked her about her leadership style, and if she knows she’s one of those people others notice when she walks into the room. She’s aware she’s seen, and she sees those who see her, too. Does the attention you receive feel like power? Or connection?

You’ll just have to watch/listen if you want to learn more….

Tracey is someone who is on for going through the crucible, for entering the fire that is a transformative life. She inspires me, and I hope she inspires you, too.

Perhaps best known for her skills as a writer, story-teller and story-teller teacher, she has an online course, The Hero Course,  that’s unlike any other online course you’ve taken. She’s witty, wise, and you’ll be invited to encounter your own bullshit when you step into the realm of learning and telling your own story with her.

 A pre-req for her course & a way to get to know Tracey, is her FREE course Strategic Story Telling.

It’s conversations like these, that give me pause, and offer me the opportunity to fall more inline with my own integrity, to release my grip on the forward propelling motion of my attempt to perpetually problem-solve and fall into congruence with my mind and my heart.

If your ears want even more on that, another colleague of ours, Brodie Welch, has the podcast for you: Congruence and The Power of Choices.

We promote each other around here.

There is plenty of love and learning to go around.

We’re stronger together on the basement floor than when we depend continually on the same person to teach us the depths of our own souls. 


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