Let It Rain Gratitude

Photo on 11-23-15 at 6.14 PM

Sigh… A lot of that happens for me…sighing, that is, when the overwhelm hits. This year there is so much change in my life,  with no shortage of the element of surprise, that I am grateful for reminders like the one I read on my Chill app. on my phone today:

“For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining, is to let it rain.” 

–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Even for the more regimented, stable and orderly of us, spending extended time with extended family and/or dear friends can throw us (our expectations, rather) for a curve ball. Remember that distracted shoppers, burnt turkeys, sloppy weather, slow traffic, disappointed children, or parents, are not the cause of us going haywire, but really these external influences only change other things external to us. It is us, yes, that means you and me, who are responsible for our own, eh hem, dare I say it…..attitudes of gratitude.

It’s the time of year when what we intend to do and what we see our culture promoting may come into great conflict. We might see our family members running around like chickens with heads cut off to look for the perfect farm-raised turkey, and purchase the perfect vegetables at the best prices from 3 separate grocery stores down to the last minute, stay up late, wake up early, snap at loved ones, set a perfect table……and plunk down to force a smile and ask everyone to share what they are grateful for before taking a bite. I hope this reads like an exaggeration, though I know it may only be the tip of your iceberg.

It can be challenging to be grateful. If you’re used to your CSA and your in-laws serve green beans from a can, or if you’re used to football, and your friends don’t have a TV, or if you always text your very best friend at 5:00 somewhere for your first holiday drink and your homie took you to the middle of nowhere to celebrate a romantic holiday alone and there is no cell service,  grateful can feel a million miles away. But tension,  frustration, and disappointment can feel very close. And these are not emotions that help us to digest anything (food, experiences, anything that comes in through our sense organs) well.

So, let it rain. First, let it rain. Then, if you can muster it, close you eyes. Breathe deeply, let out a sigh or a yelp, or a favorite bird call, or one you made up. Then note one thing, as small as you can imagine even, for which you are truly grateful. To be grateful for something, doesn’t require it to give you eternal bliss, or unending happiness. Notice something in which you see value, in which you can rest, even if only momentarily. Start perhaps with seeing something that benefits you, for which you did not have to strive. Hmmm. It may just be that sigh, or noticing your breath is now slower, that sighing made you laugh, or that, despite the snow and clouds and ice, you have heat!

Let it rain, dear friend.

And after it is all said and done and your full enough to burst, or grateful you minded your body’s nudge to take it easy, after it all, rest.

And the next morning, log onto mindbodyonline.com and from the cozy of your couch, pjs, digestive tea, and heated home…

Order almost any Yoga or Ayurveda service for 20% Off!*

Do this for your self of someone in whom you have a new spark of gratitude.

Sale is Friday, November 27  through Sunday, November 29. If you have any trouble with your order, please shoot me an email. If I don’t see it until after the sale closes I will honor the time of your note and your discount.

May you laugh, and get wet in the rain of new found gratitude.


*20% does not apply to privately scheduled Office Yoga classes or Ayurveda Workshops, but there is a great workshop coming up!!….


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