This Fall, Make Way For YOU!

Establish Your Rhythm

The Power of Routine — especially as the breeze picks up its cadence and commitments become more regular again, after the ease and freedom of summer — is the secret liberty it lends to those who honor themselves by following it.

For the past several weeks, my brain, thankfully not my heart, has felt as if its tenderness has been spinning into oblivion in a blender (reference to Eve 6 lyrics). While that is an extreme analogy, at times when life requests a decision and the parameters to make it are about as clear as puffy white clouds shielding the view of the sun, a brain could feel that way. With a bit of recent clarity, I am realizing the importance of making the smaller, simpler decisions with ease and care–as much care as I would give a student in a yoga class. This self-care and self-love continue, and I imagine will forever continue, to be life-long lessons for me, that I must learn and relearn. Can you relate?  Whether I like it or not, much of my daily order of operations is dependent on others’ needs, requests, desires, wishes and dreams. I heed them enough, to the point of exhaustion, and then, I realize the value in making space for me a priority!

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