Stay Cool, Calm and Simply Blissful



It’s done. Over. So long, farewell. I cannot believe it! Yes, I have to complete Anatomy & Physiology I & II this summer & fall to complete my certification, but traveling 10 days/month for the the better part of a year has come to a halt. It’s rather startling now, to think that I can put away my travel toiletry bag and suitcase, and that I really have no excuse to delay filing the pile of receipts on my desk any longer! Most of all, the dear ones I came to know on my journey are also settling back into their home routines, and I do not know when I will see them again, though I long to quite soon.

The day before graduation from the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, I felt….complete. We shared in a circle a brief memory or gratitude and spoke our deepest one sentence insights to ourselves and each other:

You are Light. You are Love. This is Enough. 

This phrase is the only one I fully remember. It’s a bit magical, as it is my own. My own wisdom, my own truth, my own advice. In it, I tell my self, there is wisdom within you, a light that glows and nourishes and then radiates and extends beyond you to others. Love is your foundation, it says to me. Loving yourself being the greatest gift you gave yourself on this journey. It is this self love– respect, forgiveness understanding, admiration, grace– that will allow the right stuff, the true stuff, the good stuff of life to come to fruition. This, I truly believe, is all I need. It is enough.

As I prepare for what’s ahead, it must be these words that keep me focused, calm, satisfied with my true self, but continually seeking more self-discovery, patiently awaiting, yet actively pursuing ways in which these new skills and knowledge in Yoga & Ayurveda will be utilized to benefit my community. There is much ahead, most of which is unknown. And unlike the freedom I felt last July, the discomfort of uncertainty has been creeping it’s way back into my mind. So, here’s what I will do, for starters:

On this day one back to work– teaching Yoga classes and private lessons, booking Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations, and connecting with community partners for upcoming workshops– I have decided to take a one day kitchari cleanse. Allowing the buttery asparagus quiche I made for my father yesterday and all the driving of the past week to neither weigh me down, or leave me in a tail spin, eating simply for a day encourages the mindfulness and calm I need to keep my grounded, focused, light and alert.

Will you join me?

It’s pretty simple, easy, and, I must say, delicious!  You can follow Dr. John Douillard’s Kitchari Recipe, or exchange the rice for a lighter grain, like millet or quinoa. I make a large enough batch in the morning for my whole day, and often increase the ratio of split mung beans to grains, as the beans are easier to digest than the rice, typically. Try making ghee as well, to toast the fennel, cumin and coriander in before adding in the main ingredients. I love to top my bowl with fresh cilantro from my garden, a squeeze of lemon, and, a teaspoon of ghee:)  At breakfast, I added a bit of hot water (you can also use a vegetable broth) to make it a bit soupy; at lunch time, my largest meal, I will add greens from my garden; dinner will be my smallest portion, allowing my food to completely digest overnight. If you find you are a bit hungry between meals, you can try 1) increasing your meal size, 2) sipping herbal tea or warm water with lemon between meals, 3) if you must snack, choose steamed fresh veggies. Eating 3 meals without snacking is ideal. It gives the body time to completely digest each meal before moving onto the next. It allows the digestive system to rest a bit, and if more energy is needed, that wee bit of fat you wish you weren’t still carrying around, well, that’s when it gets to be the snack and energy for your beautiful self!

Photo on 6-16-14 at 11.36 AMChoose a day that isn’t too stressful, but don’t wait for the perfect day either, as there often isn’t one; you have to make it!  Feel free to email me: with any questions. Raising my mug of peppermint tea to your cool, calm & blissful self!


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