What You’ve Been Waiting For Is HERE!

We went LIVE this morning.

I said, we went LIVE this morning!

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Well, If you haven’t gone to check out the video by now, I will share a few other words that may be of interest to you;)

Other than clicking that button, posting on Facebook, twitter, sending out a newsletter, texting family & the entire H.E.R.E. team, it was, a fairly normal day, with a few hiccups, which are not abnormal. If you are curious about the life of a woman, nearing 30, who teaches yoga about town and is studying Ayurveda. I will give you a peak into a day in the life, of me!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Wake up with a neck ache (I did something yesterday during my practice, but actually all I was doing was coughing! It led to pain, and limited movement–no, yoga teachers are not invincible); my husband is up, too–head cold, which means the dog is also up and the pitter-patter of Porter (dog) nails on the wooden (and fake wood) floors is the metronome to our searching the kitchen and cabinets for what we need. Me: ibuprofen. I had held off long enough, and now I cannot sleep. (It’s a last resort, but sometimes sleep is more important than not putting natural food stuffs in your body, only sometimes.) Chris moves to the couch and grabs tissues, a paper bag, and I am not sure what else.


I hear some sweet chime-like sound in the distance and realize my alarm has been going off for 37 minutes, and the volume is too low to hear. I have exactly 18 minutes to get up, practice my dinacharya (daily routine of eliminating, scraping tongue, brushing teeth, neti pot & nasya ~ which I leave out on this rushed morning~ sip hot lemon water, shower), grab what I need for the day, and head out the door. I make it on time to my 7 am class.


Return home to check on sick husband. Our new plan is to meet for coffee/tea (if I am honest I will say it’s coffee 9/10 days) Tuesdays between my teaching gigs and before he goes to work. But today, I make him ginger-lemon-tumeric tea with honey and prepare a simple, yet delicious breakfast for myself: homemade sourdough bread with apple butter, a fried egg over freshly foraged garlic-mustard and dandelion greens.


Pull into Pilar’s Tamales parking lot, and proceed through the kitchen greeted lovingly by her mother, her husband and her young daughter. Joe asks about my neck and empathizes with the pain. Over the next 30 minutes, we finalize everything necessary to go ….


LIVE! There are, of course, some delays with pages loading slowly, etc., but, really, we meet our goal!


Private Yoga Lesson with a dear friend in the little wellness room


People’s Food Co-op. Grocery shopping happens between Saturday and Tuesday depending on the week. Foraging for morels, wild asparagus and greens this weekend held us off a few days. I enjoy the 15% Tuesday bulk discount at my favorite establishment for food-shopping, and head home.


Dog walk. We meander through the parks surrounding our neighborhood. I look for more mushrooms, with no luck. The dog does his business, as they say, and we come home to settle ourselves in the sun on the back deck. I eat leftovers from Sunday (still within a safe 3 day range for food from the fridge, through fresh is always best!).


I scour facebook, indiegogo, my email, my phone….did anyone make a contribution? What are they saying? I also catch up on some emails from school, and remind myself of my goal to not schedule anything new until after June 15, so I can focus on completing my homework in time!


A friend shows up for a followup Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation. We follow it with chit-chat and sip cool (not iced) herbal tea.  We do a brief  online yoga class together (because even yoga teachers need inspiration from each other and …. the internet)


The kitchen calls. I am making a coconut curry chicken and rice soup for my kapha-congested love. I look through a few cook books for ideas, and decide to stick with my instinct. Starting with vegetable broth from our freezer, I add a bay leaf, last season’s garlic scapes, ginger and turmeric. The chicken is browned in butter (I am due to make more ghee!) with freshly ground cumin, coriander and mustard seeds. I put brown rice in our rice maker with water, coconut milk (only a little~1/4 cup), turmeric, and sea salt. Local Bok Choi greens steam on top. After the chicken is ready to go into the stock pot, which also has been cooking now with the remainder (3/4 c) coconut milk and the chicken bones (these are removed at this point and are still on the stove 2 hours later making more stock), I sauté the carrots and bok choi stems with a little dried chili pepper. All this and the rice get added to the pot. I leave the greens separate and toss with a mixture of garlic-mustard pesto and aoli that a friend made.  My husband eats two bowls.


Normally, this is family time (i.e.: Watching Justified or Call the Midwife on our computer), but tonight is quiet. I am writing, contemplating the weekend with girlfriends and gardening, and generally feeling thankful for life.


(Oh, the night is still young, you say? Well, I will likely be in bed by 9:30, reading or sleeping, readying for an early morning yoga practice and a day of homework and teaching:) ~ oooh, and a massage!


Seriously, if you are still reading, go to igg.me/at/HERE and make a contribution, then print & share THIS  FLYER with your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors! You’ll get an awesome perk in return. Think of it as a reward for reading this entire post;) See you at Pilar’s Tamales!!


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