Help Me Launch A Wellness Community!

If you have been to Pilar’s Tamales recently, and stayed to enjoy your meal in the café, you may have noticed the transformation in the space that once was an additional dining area in the center of the building. Since October, Sylvia (Owner, Pilar’s Tamales) and I have been cultivating the space for wellness beyond physical (food) nourishment. There are curtains over the windows that allow enough light and enough privacy for the Yoga classes and private lessons with adults and children that now bless the cafe with additional prana (life force energy), daily. Along with a few other Yoga instructors, my training to be an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, and the love of the community members who regularly attend a class, book a private lesson, or schedule a diet and lifestyle consultation, I am thrilled to announce:

H.E.R.E. [Heal: Embrace. Replenish. Enrich.] ~ A wellness community on Ann Arbor’s Westside!!

for if we are well, we can be well for eachother


Healing yourself begins with embracing who you truly are. Only then can you begin to receive nourishment in a way that is replenishing to your body, mind, emotions and spirit. When we are well, we can be well for others, and serving others enriches our lives and creates a platform for healing in our communities.

H.E.R.E. believes that wellness comes from within. We aim to provide healing opportunities for the people of Ann Arbor and its surrounding areas in ways that will demonstrate to individuals self-care practices that will transform their lives beyond H.E.R.E. Each of us is committed to practicing what we teach, for only if we are well can we be well for each other.

H.E.R.E. is the place to be! And as Yoga Instructor Nina Levin says in our Indiegogo Campaign video (YES! We have an online campaign about to launch this weekend!!), “it’s not just a yoga studio or a gym; it’s a place with really healing food, and beautiful things to buy for your home and a place to sit and have coffee.”  The purpose of H.E.R.E. is to provide a non-traditional, community-oriented wellness space that is affordable, accessible and affirming to us each as individuals and collectively as neighbors. Our priorities in our fundraiser are to install safe, level, beautiful flooring, and to seed a scholarship fund, making our services available to everyone.

Please keep your eyes peeled for our video and campaign launch in a few days & get ready to forward it to everyone you love and want to be well:)

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