Spring Events You Don’t Want to Miss!!

Don’t Let January’s Goals Forgotten Get You Down, Try on an “I love My Body, Mind and Spirit” Ayurvedic Spring Cleaning Regimen That will Rekindle That Inner Love You Have For The Most Important Person In Your Life…YOU!

I had a revolutionary journey this last 10-day session at Kripalu. For the first time, yes, really, the first time, I told myself…”I love you!”  Hard to believe I have loved my heart out for so many, and only really thought about self-care as an obligation or way to prepare myself for loving others better. It’s truly amazing, this transformation for me. I catch myself saying in my mind, multiple times each day now: “I love me, so I can do that,” or “Hey, you love yourself, why would you compromise yourself for this?”  My hope is that in my love for me I can be a part of rekindling your love for you! Are you up for this phenomenal adventure?

There are many ways you can do this, including the following:

  • SIGN UP for my FREE Intro To Ayurveda Lecture on Thursday, March 27 from 6-7:15PM at Pilar’s Tamales
  • SIGN UP for my “I Love Me” Spring Cleaning Retreat on Sunday, May 4 from 2-6PM (Yoga, Massage, Ayurvedic Spring Healing Tips & Community Meal; cost is $75/person, seniors & students: $65; space is limited to 8 participants)
  • SCHEDULE a private Ayurvedic Yoga lesson with me at a time that suits us both ($65/hour lesson, sliding scale rates available upon request)
  • ATTEND a Monday (3:30pm) or Wednesday (6pm) Yoga Class and get a taste of how Ayurveda & Yoga marry on the mat ($12 drop-in, $10 for students)

This is an excerpt from my most recent Grounded Here Yogi News. Sign up HERE to receive the next one in your inbox!


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