Healing Fall Cleanse & Day of Silence

It’s a great time to clear out the mind, body, and maybe even your closet! A great time to rest (we get an extra hour this Saturday night!), be quiet, and warm yourself with hot tea, and cozy blanket. It’s a great time for an Ayurvedic Cleanse & Day of Silence! I recently emailed friends & family about the 3-day cleanse I will be doing this Sunday through Tuesday and invited them to join in my adventure. I just emailed recipes and guidelines and did not want to leave you out of the loop, so I am pasting my email below. Enjoy your exploration, and share with me your results!


Homemade Ghee

Hi Friends,
  So glad you are interested in learning more and perhaps participating in a 3-day cleanse and up to 24 hours of silence with me! Even if you cannot participate on the same days as me (11/3-5), feel free to incorporate this practice at a more convenient time. (Hint: Don’t wait until the perfect time, there won’t be one! You will have to prioritize this the way you do vacation, wine night with friends, and caring for others!)
  The recipes I intend to use are printed in my school notebook. I did a little searching online to find some that are similar to encourage you to try.  The final  link below is a good guideline for mindful eating during your cleanse, and really, anytime! Lisa Nelson is auditing the Ayurveda courses I am enrolled in, and we made a nice connection (even got in trouble for chatting on the day of silence!) when I was at Kripalu. Enjoy:
  • Kitchari Recipe: this is for you to prepare each morning of your cleanse and eat for breakfast, lunch & supper.
    • Vary the vegetables and spices each day to change it up a bit
    • Utilize local, organic vegetables like zucchini, butternut squash, carrots and beats & cook them enough so that they are not crunchy, but  not so much. Colors should be vibrant and beautiful to the eye.
    • Spices like turmeric, cumin, mustard seed, fennel, coriander, ginger will help get your digestive fire going!
    • If you have a strong (or too strong digestive fire, use less spices, focus more on the vegetables and implement coconut oil for cooling effects)
    • If you are not vegan, and even if you have some lactose intolerance, I encourage you to explore making ghee.  Otherwise as warming sesame oil to your kitchari
    • If you prefer, rice can be prepared in a rice cooker, and mungbeans prepared separately on the stove
    • The people’s food co-op in Kerrytown has bulk split mung beans (easier to cook than whole green mung beans)
    • Please let me know if you have any questions!
  • Ginger-Lemon Appetizer: You can sip this like a tea 30 minutes before or after eating, or make it with only enough water to down it like a shot about 15 minutes before your meal. This is meant to stimulate digestion, particularly for those whose digestion is constipated or slow. If you have smooth and fiery digestion already, please skip this step!! If you have particularly dry skin, and sinuses, use maple syrup (local & 100% maple!) instead of raw honey. Add the honey or maple when the tea is not scalding hot, add when ready to drink it.
  • Sipping Teas: Do you best to have 3 sustaining meals. Make lunch a larger portion than breakfast  & supper. If you are hungry between meals, start with sipping warm water or try one of these teas. You can find the ingredients in bulk at your local co-op foods store. Brew in equal parts (1/4 tsp. of each for 2 cups of boiling water about 10 minutes). You can make a big pot and put it in a thermos to carry with you throughout the day. Notice for which reasons you should drink each tea. Eliminate ingredients you don’t prefer, but be ope to trying something new.
  • REST!! This is very important during your cleanse. Consider turning off electronics 30-60 minutes before bed, and heading to bed earlier. Set a goal to go to bed & wake up at the same time each day, especially during the cleanse. Share with your friends & family about your cleanse and give yourself permission to rest, skip out on the late night social scene, and curl up with a healing story, soothing lavender infused bath, or simply sleeping more.
  • Exercise should be lessened slightly these 3 days. You don’t have to stop, but if it would be healing to you, utilize this time to step it down a notch. Attend a Restorative Yoga Class (Here is the link is to A2 Yoga where I teach Restorative Yoga 2 times/week! The other is for some online postures), walk briskly instead of running, meditate (a link to a 25 minute guided meditation from one of my teachers).
  • Day of Silence: This cleanse is largely about calming the mental and physical chaos we accumulate with the changing of the seasons (starting school again or simply living around those who are quite busy can do this). A day of silence may be more healing than changing your diet or exercise patterns, as the mind can be louder and more demanding than the body sometimes. Select a day or 1/2 day when you can really tune out of what’s around you and into yourself. Be prepared that this may amplify the voices in your mind, and accept this now:) Let it be an opportunity to get to know yourself as well as your seek to know those around you. Consider turning off electronic stimulations: phone, computer, T.V., radio, and either take a quiet walk or read an enjoyable (not violent) story/book instead. This is a good time to explore making Kitchari, tea, spending time outside, meditating, doing a gentle yoga practice, making a card for a friend or writing a letter.
  • Mindful Eating: A guide to enjoying your meals, anywhere, and anytime:)
   I am so thrilled to share this knowledge with you. It has been a blessing in my life to slow down like this, and I hope it will be for you too!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and know that my day to tune out and tune in is Sunday November 3 at 3pm-Monday the 4th at 3pm (during which time I will not answer calls/email)
  I will email you again in a month to see how it went for you!
  I would like to offer you the opportunity to give back to the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, where I am enrolled, and where much of this knowledge was birthed in me (although I have done many cleanses before, this is the more comprehensive approached I have explored). As a student in the school, I applied for and am benefitting from a scholarship that covers 10-20% of my tuition. It is a great gift and has allowed this opportunity to be possible for me while on a low Yoga Teacher budget. I am committed to returning to the Foundations in Ayurveda Part II with $50 to contribute back to the scholarship fund. 
  I will put $25 in an envelope and am inviting you to help me match it! You can contribute $1, $25 or anything in between. Think of it as your fee for the cleanse if you like and know that it will go to more seeking to learn intimately the knowledge of Ayurveda and share that loving gift with their friends, family & future clients:)
  If you would like to contribute, you can add cash to my KSA envelope when we see each other next, or mail me a check: 2217 Hilldale Dr Ann Arbor, MI (check to Grounded Here LLC, and I will write one big one before school)
  All my love & joy to you in your cleansing adventure!
P.S. If you are interested in trying more Ayurvedic recipes beyond your cleanse, check out Doing Health Differently! Kyle’s website has been a great resource and inspiration for me:) Another great option is receiving Radiant Life Ayurveda‘s monthly newsletter with all sorts of good tips & knowledge! I saw Rhonda for my first Ayurvedic consultation this summer and was very pleased with her insight and encouragement:)

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