Change is on the Horizon

In a few weeks I will lead a 1-Day Yoga Retreat in Ann Arbor. It will be a sweet welcome to the Fall Season and a celebration of community, food, and of course moving our bodies and calming our minds through yoga & meditation. With the beginning of Autumn come my favorite seasonal changes: butternut squash, fallen leaves, and the daily donning of a colorful scarf. The fall, like the new year, is a great time to start something new, create lasting change, or even make a seasonal commitment. Might I suggest a regular yoga practice? What better way than a retreat to kick-off your new commitment!

Unlike the hype of new year’s resolution, creating change in the season of change comes without the guilt of weight-loss magazines plastered on every stand in the grocery store. Rather than trying to break ourselves into the cold weather with heart-pumping, sweet-skipping resolutions, the Fall invites a more grounding, calm and restorative approach to change. This is the time of year when routine becomes easier and the energy of schools starting, families buzzing from soccer game to Girl Scouts meeting, and neighbors still making time to share meals together encourages me too, to find my rhythm and honor my rest.

On September 14, we will embrace this seasonal change together, taking time to set intentions for our yoga practice and the months ahead. We will learn techniques for meditating through stressful situations, and building a daily practice that can transform the quicker pace of the Back-To-School culture.

Schedule & Menu:

9am: Arrival & Check in

9:30 am: Invigorating Morning Hatha Yoga Class

10:30am: Introduction to & Guided Meditation

11:30am: Brunch! Rachel & I will be preparing Home-Curried Tofu, Kale, and millet scramble, Steamed & Slightly Sweetened Root Vegetables, Fall’s First Apples Scones, Andrea’s Famous Chai Tea & Seasonal Raw Juice

1pm: History of Yoga & Discussion

2:30pm: Mini Private Lessons  & Mini Massages (with Suzette from Jessica’s Skin & Body Apothecary!!)

3:45pm: Restorative Afternoon Yoga Practice

4:30pm: Brief Silent Meditation & Closing

Snacks, like Roasted Coriander & Spiced Almonds, RidGarden Pickled Beets, Local Raw Melons, and Freshly Brewed Ginger Tea will be available throughout the day


Sign up by emailing me at I will confirm your registration when you complete a brief pre-retreat survey I will send you when I hear from you.

Very much looking forward to welcoming my favorite time of year with you.


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