It’s All Happening So Fast!

For the past several months, my work life has been in constant transition. Most days have felt slow, some boring, some exciting, some overwhelming or confusing, and some simply sweet! Today is one of those sweet days.

When life gives you yoga, make yoga classes! Today several new & and exciting ventures have been finalized or moved to the next level.

Soon, I will begin teaching two restorative yoga classes at A2 Yoga. This has been my vision since training, to offer a more yin approach to the yoga many experience as physically demanding and limited to the limber, mighty few. Very little yoga is as limiting as you may think, but the opportunity to expose folks to yoga through a calming restorative class really makes me happy. In this class, students will be able to lengthen their spine and deepen the stretching of their limbs without feeling the rush of a Vinyasa, or the intensity of a Hatha practice. In my first yin class as a student I was amazed by how relaxed and unattached I felt following the practice. Not only my body, but my mind was at ease. I wasn’t worrying about my next commitment, I was more present that I have ever felt before. This is the experience I hope to provide in the new Restorative Yoga classes at A2 Yoga!

After teaching Sun-Centered Hatha this morning, and arranging the new restorative classes, I visited a favorite local cafe for a might spicy mocha. It is here that the magic of the day really blossomed. Keep your eyes open for a beginning yoga class at an Ann Arbor cafe this Spring!

Today, I also finalized the launching of a Christian Yoga class that will begin at Northside Presbyterian Church in Ann Arbor. I had the joy of attending a Christian Yoga Retreat through Soul Stretch in Detroit in February. It was amazing to feel connected and free to yoga and my faith in a whole new way. In these Christian Yoga Classes, individual spiritual journeys will become the medium of yoga concepts and asanas (positions). This will be an opportunity for folks to explore both yoga and faith. Soon, there will also be a similar class at Grace Ann Arbor!

And, this weekend launches the After Market Yoga series created for food & restaurant workers in Washtenaw County. Please contact me ( for more information.

If you can’t wait to practice, join me tomorrow morning from 8-9am at A2 Yoga for Sun-Centered Yoga (the class moves to 7:30am beginning May 2!)

Learn more about all of these classes HERE!

Several fellow yoga teachers and friends have been my motivators and inspirers. I am so grateful for their energy, role-modeling and genuine spirit which has kept me in check and encouraged me stand confidently, heart-lifted even on the not-so-sweet days.

Namaste, dear ones.


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