Mindful Wednesday

This morning I awoke tired. Last night I finally had the energy to dive into my Key Muscles of Yoga and Key Poses of Yoga books by Ray Long and to joyously prepare to teach this morning. I had reached over the hump of the week and simply could not go to sleep just yet. I began my day today with 4 carrots, a 2″ piece of ginger, a wedge of lime and an orange that I put through my Omega juicer and drank it on the way to teach Sun-Centered Yoga at A2 Yoga. I decided to commit my day to mindfully observing my bodies needs.

Rather than staying for Heart-Centered Hatha following my class, I returned home to make a nourishing meal: oatmeal with raisins, cardamom, all-spice, cinnamon, maple syrup and milk and a cup of fennel-cardamom-licorice tea, and spent time setting some personal goals while icing my knee to continue the healing process of an injury. I look forward to an afternoon meditation and practice before heading out to visit a few friends.

My meals today are from the Eat, Taste, Heal cookbook and are suggestions for the Vata dosha.


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